Friday, 23 April 2010

Baby loves...Alice in Wonderland

Dodgson may have had some dodgy motivations for writing Alice in Wonderland, but its still a great kids story.

Instead of plugging on the Disney film, this incredible IBook version would (hopefully) instill a love of reading books. (thanks for forwarding Jess).

*Baby at six months

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Baby loves...Kenana Knitters toys

Kenana Knitters' spider leopard toy

I found this knitted leopard in the gift shop attached to the British Museum's latest exhibition of sculptures from West Africa.

I wouldn't have usually plunked down £20 for a toy, but I like the idea of supporting this Kenya-based womens' fairtrade initative. I've got my eyes on their bundu snake toy....

Nearer to home, the Roman Road's Buddhist-run Evolution store has a lovely selection of baby goodies as well. I couldn't resist a plastic ball (£10) that when tapped flashes with rainbow colours - mesmerising...

Its Lama's Pajamas charity shop, with more baby clothes & toys, is a few doors up.

Did I mention the drop in meditation with creche on Wednesdays 10am-12noon at the Buddhist Center?

*Baby at six months

Baby loves...Winnie the Pooh's cottage

In Dartmouth. Notice the Winnie the Pooh grating

I'm dreaming of a lovely spring holiday with baby. Having a walk amongst the bluebells, a stroll on the beach.

Winnie the Pooh nostalgics can stay at Christopher Robins cottage...the only hitch - its a week rent minimum...

*Baby at 6 months

Friday, 2 April 2010

Baby loves...Pineapple

Aside from the carrot, baby loves to chew on the hard inside bit of the pineapple.

*Baby at 6 months