Monday, 28 March 2011

Baby loves...Heba Women's Project

Based smack in the middle of buzzing Brick Lane, right across from the Laden Showroom, is Heba Women's Project, a charitable organisation supporting women who want to start a business and mothers (with its creche facility).

A friend Rachel has had a hand in restarting the creche after it closed awhile ago. She's working with Anne, the women at the helm of Heba, to fill the creche's spaces (10 children max - half day sessions cost just £14!!).

The place is a godsend for weary moms who need some free time to work, would like to learn new skills & start up a business (the sewing room opposite has great sewing classes at £5 a pop) or just plain need a break.

After giving up hope of ever getting a place in the neighbourhood's good nurseries, I'm over the moon my tot has a place here. Whew!

Heba Women's Project
164 Brick Lane
City of London E1 6RU
Tel: +44 20 7377 0400

Tot at 1.5 years....

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Baby loves....Margaret M. de Lange

A recent trip to visit friends in Cornwall has made me think about what it would be like for my tot to grow up there, surrounded by the lovely nature, clean water, sea, sun....

This book by a Norwegian mom/photographer gives a good impression I think.

Baby loves...talking

Tony Ousler

Useful link for new parents....

Here's a you tube video for the picture above: warning, not for the squeamish!

Tot at 1.5 years

Baby loves...Calthorpe Project

I'm jealouse of the residents of Kings Cross - what a gangbuster list of classes and things to do with baby at the Calthorpe Project.

The homeopathic first aid course (with free creche!)
and the Friday clothes making class (All levels welcome. £5 per term unwaged. Free crèche provided. Term time only. 10:30am-12:30pm) looks tempting enough to travel....

Tot at 1.5 years

Monday, 7 March 2011

Baby loves...Butlins

Snow cave in the Ocean Hotel spa, Butlins Bognor Regis

I'm quite tempted to maybe look into the ATP festival at Butlins in May. They could be quite kid friendly(?)

I was also given a tip to check out the five star hotel at the Bognor Regis location. I must admit, I am slightly swayed by the pictures showing such a family friendly place.

The snow cave at the spa looks pretty impressive! I'm sure there's plenty of tongue in cheek fun to be had.


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Hermes scarf

Silke Otto-Knapp

Sean Cordeiro & Claire Healy

Richard Wathen

Pablo Picasso

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Hermes scarf

Hermes scarf

Hermes Scarf

Hermes Scarf

Hermes scarf

Baby loves...Hina Matsuri

Thanks to Yui, I now know about the lovely Japanese holiday of Hina Matsuri - Girl's Day. Held on March 3, the country celebrates the healthy growth of its girls....

Grandparents gift ceremonial dolls to their grandkids & peaches, alcohol and pink/white/green coloured rice cakes are imbibed.

And then everyone goes to the sea....sounds nice to me!

Tot 1.5 years...

Baby loves....Wellcome Collection

Childbirth is synonymous with both pain and joy. In this enlightening discussion series we will explore what childbirth means to us today in the Western World and what it means to other cultures throughout history.

All events run 19.00 - 20.30. March-May 2011